Is 250W illegal in the UK?

Pedelecs that have powered assistance to a maximum of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) using a motor of no more than 250 Watts rated output are considered bicycles.

Type approval is not required.

UK laws do not coincide with European laws, for EU 250W motors are legal whereas in the United Kingdom riders are currently restricted to 200W.  The Department of Transport have announced that the UK will align with Europe law and will also permit 250W this is expected to be in place by mid 2013.  

Dillenger UK has been advised that the police will not be targeting electric bikes that have motors of not more than 250W.  As far as we are aware no prosecutions have taken place of anyone riding a 250W motored electric bike in the UK.


Due to the complexity and many many years needed to become and expert of international law, Dillenger only offers this information as a result of our own research and advises you to follow up with your own research - to come to your own informed conclusion.

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