Why can’t I purchase your products from a bike store?

Dillenger’s model around the globe is centered around delivering the best value products possible with strong emphasis on the most important aspects of our relationship with our customers. These two very important goals cannot be achieved by any other means, other than to deal directly with our customers on a day to day basis. The benefit of dealing directly with our customers is that you’re getting all the information in a timely and accurate format. This model also allows us to pass on the wholesale savings directly to you.

If our products sold through a 3rd party we would have to raise our prices to account for retail mark-ups and other seller fees and this would have to be passed onto our customers on our website to make the pricing fair. This is not particularly in our interests.

The drawback to this (if you consider it to be) is that our customers can’t ‘touch and feel’ our products before buying. We believe that by presenting the products with all of the photos, videos, diagrams, reviews and other information possibly imaginable, that customers will be able to make the rewarding decision to purchase Dillenger.

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